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District 7 Candidates Profiles

October 15, 2010
Pierce County Tribune

Dick Anderson

Family: Wife, Susan; two sons, Jordan, who farms with me, and Jason, a Doctor of Physical Therapy in Canby, Minn., his wife Lindsey, and granddaughter Rhilyn.

Office: 7th District State House of Representative.

Past/present public office experience: I currently serve on the board of directors of the ND Game and Fish Advisory Board, Heart of America Medical Center, Willow City Cenex, McHenry County Crop Improvement Association, All-Seasons Water Users District, Willow City High School Alumni Association, and Normal Township. I have served on the Rugby Farmers Union Elevator Board, the NOrth Central Experiment Station Board in Minot, and the First Lutheran Church Council in Willow City. Susan and I will be the recipient of the Harvest Bowl Award at NDSU later this month.

Reasons for running for office: The main reason is my family; since I have two sons who are just starting their own careers, I would like them to have the opportunities that I have had. Our state is governed well and has a budget surplus, low unemployment, abundant natural resources, and is an excellent place to live and raise a family. The problem is with the federal government; their mismanagement, mandates, and deficit spending will demand more from our state. We will need capable legislators to make decisions down the road and I believe I have the experience, common sense, and passion to make decisions that will have a positive impact in our state.

What are the important issues facing the district: We have several issues that will greatly affect our county. The first one is the rising level of Devils Lake. If the lake continues to rise, rail service and Highway 2 will probably be closed. Amtrak, some grain transportation, and other rail freight would be lost and the impact on Rugby would be great. Another issue is the passage of the healthcare bill and the affect that it will have on the Heart of America Medical Center and Heart of America Health Plan. They employ approximately 350 to 400 people from Rugby and outlying areas and need to remain viable if Rugby is to prosper and grow. Job creation is another concern as you need growth in the community to have a solid tax base which provides revenue for local and county government. The government can't create jobs but it can help existing business grow in the community.

What role does the legislative leadership play in addressing those issues: The legislative leadership can play a major role with the Devils Lake problem. There are at least three possible areas to place a control structure to stabilize the lake. The state has to contend with the high sulfate levels in various sections of the lake and put in an outlet that will comply with water standards downstream. If an agreement can be reached with all parties (Manitoba, Minnesota, and downstream cities) I know the state will act. Everyone knows that healthcare costs are too expensive and a reform needs to happen but I have yet to hear of anyway the health care bill will reduce costs. I know that government can help job growth by tax policy and removing unnecessary regulations that make it hard for a business to start or expand. A legislator has to understand that hard-working people who invest capital need to be encouraged and not punished and should govern with that in mind.

Why should voters choose you for this office: Our government was founded on principals that guaranteed personal freedom that gave hard-working, self-reliant people an opportunity to succeed. Good government needs to be responsible and fair. I have a record of community service, and excellent background in agriculture, a wealth of experience received from serving on various boards, a personal goal of always leaving everything better and an understanding of our area by spending my life in North Dakota. I believe a candidate needs to be conservative, use common sense, be fair and listen to all citizens of North Dakota and represent their concerns.



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