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Their turn to shine on stage

Village Arts Children’s Theater presents “Captain Bree and Her Lady Pirates”

August 5, 2010
Matt Mullally

Ten-year-old Alissa Volk didn't hesitate when posed with the question, what did she like about being in this year's Village Arts children's theater production of "Captain Bree and Her Lady Pirates''?

"Everything,' the first-timer to the stage exclaimed. "The songs, the action on stage, it's all fun."

Other cast members share Volk's enthusiasm and are looking forward to the performances this week - Aug. 12 and 13 - at 7 p.m. in the Tilman Hovland Auditorium at RHS.

Thirteen-year-old Darby Deckert has been part of children's theater the past four years, and this will be her first time in a leading role.

"There's a lot more work...knowing the lines,' said Deckert, who plays Captain Bree, leader of the pirates. "The hardest part, I think, is getting into your character."

Deckert recalls her first time on stage, being nervous, but said with experience comes confidence. "I don't get nervous performing in front of crowds anymore."

Fact Box

Cast and crew

Captain Bree-Darby Deckert; Jane-Haylee Miron; Josephine-McKenzie Harner; Gabriella-Kate Heidlebaugh; Shawna-Alissa Volk; Patty-Shailah Strand; Maggie-Karsyn Hager; Georgia-Sasha Klein; Madam Prescot-Maria Mack; Samuel Prescot-Samuel Shomento; Captain Jennings-Jacob Berginski; Fergus-Kyler Odden; Thomas-Casin Buckmeier; Admiral Moore/Jim-Brett Berginski; Henry/Lieutenent Farnsworth-John Mueller; John-Dawson Schepp; Jack-Carter Schoneberg; George-Brady Volk; Crew: Teri Shomento, director; Abigail Jenkins, assistant director; Glory Monson, managing director; Elizabeth Mack, music director/pianist; Trista Trottier, technical director/stage manager.

While the cast includes both newcomers to the stage and those who have performed in the past, director Teri Shomento sees good chemistry among the actors.

"They are a very respectful and kind group,' she said. "Despite the age differences, they work well together and the older children are quick to help the young ones."

Shomento has plenty of past experience as a performer on stage, but this is her first time directing a Village Arts production. And working with children, many of whom have little or no on-stage experience, is a challenging proposition.

The trick, she says, is to make it as fun as possible.

"We have theater games to help them learn the basics of acting,' she said. "You use their enthusiasm to guide them through the process of a theater production."

One of the rewards for Shomento and the other members of the production team is seeing this group come together to achieve a common goal in a non-competitive activity.

"There are no small parts,' she said. "Just as Glory Monson (Village Arts founder) often says, 'we are all one long chain.' Everyone fills an important role to keep that chain together."

The actors have spent over 30 hours preparing for the performance which blends acting, music and dancing into a fast-paced adventure set on the high seas.

Shomento knows this experience will not only create memories for the cast, but help to build self-confidence and hopefully develop an interest and love in the arts.

It already has for many in the cast.

"I can't wait to come (each day to rehearals),' Volk said. "It's a fun story to be part of."



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