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Vote ‘no’ on school board bond issue

May 28, 2010
Jim Day

I strongly feel that the citizenry of the Rugby School District should vote no on the upcoming school bond issue on June 8.

It's all well and good to criticize the mechanics of government, but please don't just resign yourself to saying " It doesn't matter what I say, there going to do what they want to anyway."

The power of local, state and Federal governments is given by the respective citizenry. If we individually do not attend council meetings, and don't vote, then we forfeit our right to grumble or complain.

I have attended almost every city council meeting in the last two years, and have gleaned some knowledge of how things go on in the process.

Regarding the school bond issue, I feel that some features of the proposed renovations could be done more cheaply than that of the proposal. On May 24, I attended an open house/tour of the school facility. I was dismayed to learn that, provided the bond issue passes, local contractors and trademen would probably be left out in favor of outside contractors.

Having heard the city council and the JDA, expound the need for better paying jobs and more business opportunities for Rugby, it would seem that a closed bid process the logical way to proceed, with the local contractors as primary bidders. Said contractors would need to hire additional people from the local workforce to do the work, thereby adding to the city coffers via sales taxes, etc.

I do agree that the junior high school area needs extensive work, which could be done by local contractors.

The heating plant definately needs an upgrade. The boilers appear to be in excellent condition, only needing to be converted to propane fuel or natural gas as it comes available. Circulatory pumps and heating pipes need revamping, with the pipes only needing relagging to efficiently carry generated heat to the pumps. Air handlers within the classrooms are sealed off from outside air sources, which in turn, makes them work harder to move air within the space. Bringing outside air to these air handlers, I feel, would improve efficiency.

I agree, asbestos is a problem in the "1955" building. Asbestos is a mineral found in the soil. Generally it's not a problem unless its friated (broken lose and carried in the ambient air). Workers who have mesothelioma (asbestos related cancer and associated illness) generally have worked many years in envionments where repeated exposure is prevalent.

None of the floor tiles I saw, showed no chips, cracks or other evidence that they are friating. On a case by case basis, in areas where there is imminent danger of this happening, the removal is required.

Encapsulating the present asbestos situation is easiest, most economical and best solution. Asbestos is best left alone.

By encapsulating, I mean that its sealed in an air tight container (plastic sheeting being one of these), then covered over with another layer of materials to ensure no air is transfered from the asbestos to the outside environment.

I looked at several classrooms during the tour. Installing drop ceilings and recessed lighting of the halogen variety would improve considerably the asthetics of the student environment.

Electrical is another problem which must be dealt with. Local contractors are willing and capable to deal with this.

In summation, I am encouraging voters to vote against the proposed school district bond issue, not because I am opposed to better schools, but because I am opposed to this proposal in its present form.

Most of the citizens of Rugby are seniors, on a fixed income and not having a dime to spare each month for additional tax levies. Many of them hardly have enough money each month to survive with the necessities of life, I.E. food, medicine, health care and utility. Do we really want to add additional burdens to the already stressed taxpayer?

By the school boards own admission, the student population has declined.

I don't see families of student-aged children lining up at the city limits waiting to get here, nor do I see that in the future.

Day is a Rugby resident



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