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Veeder: We get a lot from our mothers

May 19, 2017 In my life, there haven't been many times someone's told me that I look like my mother. more »»

Omdahl: Libertarians on the prowl for licensing boards

May 19, 2017 Quoting a dubious bit of research, Mark Holden, senior vice president of Koch Industries, alleged in an opinion piece sent to North Dakota newspapers last year that repeal of occupational licenses i... more »»

Omdahl: Governor stands up to Legislature’s power grab

May 12, 2017 In a sweeping display of executive authority, Governor Doug Burgum peeled off a series of vetoes at the end of the recent legislative session in which he defended the integrity of the executive... more »»

Port: Democrats to retreat to blue districts?

May 12, 2017 North Dakota Democrats are hoping to make up some ground against the state's dominant GOP in the 2018 cycle, and while Republican dysfunction during the legislative session this year may give them... more »»

Veeder: How old stories help us hold on

May 12, 2017 One of the best parts about sharing stories every week is that sometimes it compels others to share their stories, too, reminding me how closely strangers can be connected. more »»

Schmidt: Grazing readiness progress of key species in Pierce County

May 5, 2017 In North Dakota, most cool-season native range grasses typically reach grazing readiness in mid to late May, which is the recommended time to begin grazing native range. more »»

Omdahl: ND’s fiscal mess warrants annual sessions

May 5, 2017 The 2017 legislative session has ended, leaving in its wake a more convoluted fiscal system than the one with which it started and causing serious observers to wonder how long this house of cards ca... more »»

Schmidt: What are the optimum soil temperatures for germination?

April 28, 2017 The arrival of spring has many farmers and home gardeners itching to get planting, however let’s take a moment to visit about the minimum soil temperatures required for germination of various crops... more »»

Omdahl: Russians involved in California secession plot

April 28, 2017 It has now become evident that the Russians have been meddling in the internal affairs of the United States beyond the 2016 presidential electio. more »»

Port: Property taxes will be thorn in GOP’s side

April 28, 2017 The truth is the public doesn't really care about 90 percent of the drama in politics. It's not something people who make a living from politics like to admit. more »»

Heitkamp: One decision can save lives

April 28, 2017 In our day-to-day lives, we don't think much about organ transplants, beyond perhaps checking the donor box on our driver's license at the DMV every few years. more »»

Omdahl: Political preachers may be coming to churches

April 21, 2017 Somewhere deep in the bowels of Congress, a committee is drafting language to repeal that section of the Internal Revenue Code that prohibits charities, including churches, from endorsing political... more »»

Port: North Dakota Democrats divided

April 21, 2017 There are sharp divisions among North Dakota Democrats, party insiders tell me, and not even Sen. Heidi Heitkamp is shielded from the food fighting. more »»

Schmidt: Caring for lawns in spring

April 14, 2017 The recent snow melt and warm temperatures gets folks in the mood to start spring yard chores. With all the spring chores needing to be done, lawn care sometimes takes a back seat in priority. more »»

Taylor: Taking a stand for community

April 14, 2017 As North Dakotans, we value community. Write it with a capital ‘C’ or type it out in all caps. We believe in community services, community development and community facilities. more »»

Port: Accidental truth about wind energy

April 14, 2017 I have a politician who accidentally told the truth, the positive and immediate impacts of the Dakota Access Pipeline, and cuts that aren't really cuts in this week's notebook. more »»

Schmidt: Pierce County to participate in grazing readiness project

April 7, 2017 The Pierce County NDSU Extension office along with 17 other ND counties will be helping to collect data for a Grazing Readiness project beginning this month and continuing through approximately Jul... more »»

Omdahl: Sharia Law’s not coming to North Dakota

April 7, 2017 Earlier in the legislative session, Rep. more »»

Port: North Dakota’s 2018 Senate race has begun

April 7, 2017 You may not have noticed it, because it's been a subtle sort of thing, but the North Dakota Senate campaign for the 2018 cycle has already begun. more »»

Port: Nepotism and an insidious assault on political dissent

March 31, 2017 The late, great Robin Williams once said: "Some men are born great, some achieve greatness, and some get it as a graduation gift. more »»



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