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Why 12,000 kids aren’t going to school

August 23, 2013 Around 12,000 North Dakota children who should be in school won’t be there when it opens across the state this month. more »»

Leaf drop in flowering crabapple trees

August 23, 2013 Apple scab is caused by the fungus Venturia inaequalis. The fungus can survive through the winter within infected leaves and fallen frui. more »»

Back-to-school with nutrient-rich foods for successful kids

August 23, 2013 Want to raise happy, healthy, and successful children? Young children need the right fuel for growing, learning, and developing. more »»

Is the Christian church failing its mission?

August 16, 2013 Moral issues have created some of the most divisive controversies in recent political campaigns. more »»

“Stop and frisk” practice ethically, morally wrong

August 16, 2013 Crime can always be lessened, there's no doubt about that. But crime, regardless of where it takes place, should be lessened by ethical and legal means. more »»

Five smart ways to raise children who eat their veggies

August 16, 2013 Believe it or not, it is possible (even easy) to raise kids who enjoy eating a wide variety of vegetables. The secret is to never bribe or threaten them about eating green or orange things. more »»

Cool weather causes corn maturity concerns

August 16, 2013 The recent period of cooler than normal weather has heightened concerns that this year’s corn crop may not mature before the first killing frost. more »»

Dishing up creativity, history and goodwill

August 16, 2013 Things are shaping up once again for the Rugby Lions Club fundraiser, “Tables Envisioned.” This fundraiser is turning out to be a fascinating chapter in our club’s history. more »»

On Bryce's Mind

August 9, 2013 Taking a break from watching guitar covers, movie scenes, "Pulp Fiction" converted to Shakespearean language, things pertaining to "Black Ops 2: Zombies" ("Buried" is still a confusing map for thos... more »»

Census needed in oil patch

August 9, 2013 During the last legislative session, the governor and the legislature made great strides in responding to the multi-faceted crises engulfing the township, city, school and county governments in the... more »»

Five smart reasons to get into a whole grain habit

August 9, 2013 Whole grains come with a whole lot of delicious nutrition in every kernel. That’s the benefit of whole grains. more »»

Put MyPlate on the grill

August 2, 2013 Nothing quite says “it’s dinnertime” like a meal on the grill. more »»

Disease problems in home garden expected

August 2, 2013 With the cool and wet conditions our region has experienced this growing season, disease problems in the home garden can be expected to be seen soon or later. more »»

Crime on the rise in N.D.?

August 2, 2013 North Dakota, as a whole, seems like a safe state. That's not to say that crime doesn't happen. more »»

Unicameral critics make weak arguments

August 2, 2013 If the one-house legislature is so good, why haven’t other states followed Nebraska’s example? That was a common argument raised by opponents of a one-house system for North Dakot. more »»

It's not corny – it's the all-around pleaser

August 2, 2013 Have you noticed that corn feeds are starting to appear in the upcoming August events portion of area newspapers? As familiar to Pierce County as the stone cairn located at the intersection of Hwy... more »»

The pros of a one-house legislature

July 26, 2013 With the proposal by the Legislature of a constitutional amendment to replace the present 8-member  Board of Higher Education with a 3-member commission, North Dakota legislators apparently think... more »»

Small grain and pea plot tour

July 26, 2013 NDSU Extension Service and the Pierce County Agriculture Improvement Association will be hosting a small grain and field pea plot tour Monday, August 12th beginning at 9:00 a.m. more »»

5 reasons to enjoy nutrient-rich fish and shellfish

July 26, 2013 Virtually every set of nutrition guidelines—from the American Heart Association to USDA—recommends eating more fish. more »»

Prairie Fare: Quench your thirst with watermelon

July 26, 2013 When I think of hot summer months, the refreshing flavor of ripe, juicy watermelon comes to mind. While growing up, watermelon usually was served outdoors for a good reaso. more »»



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