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Schmidt: Strange growths on trees

July 18, 2014 Many gardeners and homeowners have been noticing strange growths on their trees and plants once again this year. more »»

Kaylor: Embrace different salad varieties

July 18, 2014 Any way you toss it, a main dish green salad is an easy, nutritious meal — especially on a hot summer's night. more »»

Omdahl: Homeland Committee looks at drone laws

July 18, 2014 “We need a new town law,” Chief Warning Officer Garvey Erfald announced as the other 13 electors jockeyed for the best folding chairs in the community hall for the semi-annual policy summit of the... more »»

Berginski: Need to overfortifying cereal?

July 18, 2014 Despite what some say is the most important meal of the day, I don’t always eat breakfast. more »»

Omdahl: Ex-Hutterites take issues to public square

July 11, 2014 A group of nine ex-Hutterites are going to great lengths to denounce the theology and governance flaws of Hutterite colonies in North Dakota and Canada. more »»

Chapman: New era begins for City Council

July 11, 2014 Fireworks continued after the 4th of July weekend at a place you might not expect, if you haven’t been following local politics. more »»

Repnow: All dolled up and on the road

July 4, 2014 We recently returned from a family vacation to the Twin Cities, Rochester and Stewartville, Minn. It is the first family vacation that all five young girls in our home motored with us. more »»

Kaylor: Canned, fresh or frozen?

July 4, 2014 During the summer months, we can enjoy delicious, colorful fresh fruits and vegetables from a garden, farmers market or grocery store. more »»

Rugby man experiences U.S. Opens

July 4, 2014 For a number of years I had a number of things in my mind I wanted to accomplish — my “bucket list”, so to speak. One of those things was to see a professional golf event. more »»

Omdahl: Reservation parochialism is not the answer

July 4, 2014 President Barack Obama has come and gone. While on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation south of Bismarck, he gave a message of encouragement to all of the residents in Indian Countr. more »»

Chapman: Pierce County attracts adventurers

July 4, 2014 “Ugh, not another visitor. Not right now,” I thought a few hours before writing this column. It's not that I dislike visitors. more »»

Kaylor: June is National Dairy Month

June 27, 2014 National Dairy Month is a great way to start the summer with "3-A-Day" of nutrient-rich dairy foods. more »»

Schmidt: Project Safe Send has Rugby location

June 27, 2014 The North Dakota Department of Agriculture is planning 12 Project Safe Send sites, and is encouraging anyone with banned or unusable pesticides to schedule a trip to one of the Project Safe Send... more »»

Omdahl: Is a voter ID program worth 700 grand?

June 27, 2014   During the 2014 election cycle, North Dakota will be spending $700,000 on advertisements to remind voters that they now need an ID to vote and that ID voting is as “easy as pi. more »»

Chapman: Belated Happy Father’s Day

June 27, 2014 As often happens in relationships with fathers and sons, we tend to be a little late to the game when it comes to expressing our love for one anothe. more »»

Berginski: Arguing over obesity doesn’t work

June 27, 2014 For days now, First Lady Michelle Obama has been decrying House Republicans for trying to undo the new school lunch program. more »»

Kaylor: Keep your bones strong

June 20, 2014 Osteoporosis is often called a “silent” disease because people cannot feel their bones getting weake. more »»

Repnow: ‘Fair’-ly good blue ribbon tips

June 20, 2014 Have you given much thought to how your obituary is going to appear in the newspaper? You know that many more people will read your obituary than will attend your funeral. more »»

Berginski: Consumers need supplement fraud protection

June 20, 2014 Statistics don’t lie: 70 percent of people in the U.S. are overweight. Last year, according to the Federal Trade Commission, U.S. consumers spent $2. more »»



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