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Schmidt: Trees Are Considered the Lungs of the Earth, So Do Your Part

April 2, 2015 We wrapped up the final session of the 4- session Spring Fever Garden Forum Wednesday evening. more »»

Dubious Legislation: A North Dakota Tradition

April 2, 2015 If you think some of the proposals being considered in the present legislative session are dubious, temper your criticism with a look at some of the laws that appeared in the 1900 “Revised... more »»

Berginski: Alcohol should not be sold at college games

April 2, 2015 Two student government hopefuls at North Dakota State University want to change a long-standing policy: they want alcohol to be able to be sold at Bison games. more »»

Nana, you’ve got mail

March 27, 2015 (The following column appeared in the March 28 edition of the Tribune.) Computer use, per recent studies, keeps senior’s brains working at a higher capacity. more »»

Omdahl: Simple solutions for complex problems

March 27, 2015 Our fast moving society demands simple solutions for complex problems.  Even if they are wrong, fast poor solutions, given the proper spin, are accepted more quickly than good thoughtful answers. more »»

Berginski: 'Blurred Lines' verdict sets bad precedent

March 27, 2015 (The following appeared in the March 21 edition of the Tribune.) Oh joy, another lawsuit in the music world. “This song sounds like that song.” “This song has the same beat as song X. more »»

Kaylor: How to bite into a healthy lifestyle

March 27, 2015 (The following appeared in the March 21 edition of the Tribune.) March is National Nutrition Month, and that’s a great time to take steps to develop a healthful eating plan as we move toward spring. more »»

Repnow: The benefits of change

March 27, 2015 Our family recently celebrated my mom’s 95th birthday at the Benedictine Living Center in Garrison. As we were growing up, my mom took time to celebrate our birthdays. more »»

Kaylor: A healthy lifestyle beyond March

March 27, 2015 (The following appeared in the March 28 edition of the Tribune. more »»

Schmidt: Wheat midge survey results and forecast

March 27, 2015 ­ Wheat midge populations are expected to be lower in 2015 than 2014, except for a few hot spots in Williams, Divide and Mountrail Counties. more »»

Omdahl: Oil, ag are volatile sectors

March 27, 2015 Policymaking in Bismarck just became more “iffy” with the news that the country is producing and importing one million more barrels of oil daily than it is consuming. more »»

Just Saying: A note from the Pierce County Tribune’s new editor

March 27, 2015 I want to take the time to introduce myself to you; my name is Joseph T. Pelt, I go by Joseph or J.T. more »»

Kaylor: Saving some bread

March 13, 2015 Using day-old bread can help you stretch your food dollars. Some bakeries offer day-old bread at discounted prices. more »»

Schmidt: Keep Farm Bill Analyzer numbers updated

March 13, 2015 By now most agriculture producers are aware of the one-time extension of the deadline to update base acres or yield history for ARC/PLC Program. more »»

Let's Cook: Celebrating cherished neighbors

March 13, 2015 There are some neighbors who come into your life and impact it in such was way that you never see things the same again. more »»

Omdahl: Legislative prayer becoming a charade

March 13, 2015 The furor over a Muslim prayer on Ash Wednesday in the North Dakota House of Representatives reflected an American tradition rooted in our history since Plymouth Rock in 1619. more »»

Kaylor: Canned foods are quick and convenient

March 6, 2015 Canned foods help provide needed nutrients to meet USDA Dietary Guidelines. Experiment with different recipes and meal ideas using canned foods. more »»

Schmidt: Crops, Cattle and Coffee Roundtable set

March 6, 2015 The second annual Pierce County “Crops, Cattle, & Coffee Roundtable” will be held Wednesday, March 25th from 10 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the Rugby Armory. more »»

Omdahl: It’s a trap, Heidi Heitkamp

March 6, 2015 Dear Senator Heidi, As you know, I never meddle in your political plans. more »»



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