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January 16, 2018 When I made the decision to write these columns, one item on my list of what not to do, was to write anything detailing my political view. more »»

KAYLOR: Why are seniors at risk for foodborne illness?

January 5, 2018 Preventing Foodborne Illness James L. Smith, a microbiologist with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, wanted to find the answer to the question of why seniors are more at risk for foodborne illness. more »»

VEEDER: The parenting joke’s on us

January 5, 2018 You guys, this parenting thing is no joke. I say this as I'm celebrating my first month spent working to keep two kids happy, healthy and out of harm's wa. more »»

OMDAHL: Russians will shred minds in midterms

January 5, 2018 By the time American voters start looking at their congressional options, Russian political strategists will be waiting to unload an electronic flood of “shock and awe” that will be incomprehensible... more »»

LET'S COOK: Of tin and tinsel*

January 5, 2018 * In the Jan. 6, 2018 edition, the headline for Let's Cook was "A great ski day starts with Sondre Norheim". It should have been "Of tin and tinsel". The Tribune apologizes for and regrets the erro. more »»

PORT: Republicans should tackle spending next

December 29, 2017 Now that Republicans have accomplished the remarkable feat of passing consequential tax reform in one of the most divided political environments of our nation's history, they should immediately... more »»

OMDAHL: Abortion issue remains in public square

December 29, 2017 Many of the social issues made contentious by sincere Christians should be moved from the public square into churches. However, abortion is not one of those issues. more »»


December 29, 2017 As I write this column it is snowing and the temperature is dropping. The forecast is for extremely cold temperatures ahead. It reminded me of a book I read a couple of years ago about the Korean War. more »»

LET'S COOK: The gift of music, paints and understanding

December 22, 2017 Are you a fan of early Christmas presents? Some folks just can’t wait to open their presents. There was a time when I, too, was on that avenue. more »»

VEEDER: Children remind us to breathe despite worry

December 22, 2017 Rosalee Gene came into this world quickly on Friday, Dec. 1, at 9:14 am. Before she was born we hadn't decided on a name, so we agreed we would need to meet her first. And when I met her I knew. more »»

OMDAHL: Evangelicals bring conflict to public square

December 22, 2017 Martin Luther launched his treatise on civil government by proposing a paradigm with two kingdoms – the kingdom of God (followers of Christ) and the kingdom of the world (the public square). more »»

PORT: Republicans challenging Republicans is a healthy thing

December 22, 2017 North Dakota is a state dominated by a single political party. The NDGOP. Democrats haven't had just one candidate win on the statewide ballot since 200. more »»

SERVING OUR VETERANS: The 'unsuccessful' veteran

December 15, 2017 A reminder to all veterans, The Service Dogs For America in Jud, N.D. has several service dogs ready for placement. more »»

Kaylor: D.I.Y. spice mixes

December 15, 2017 Making your own spice blends is a win-win idea that gives your food a pop of flavor while reducing sodium. Herbs come from the leaves of shrubs. Spices come from other parts of plant. more »»

Two badges of discipleship

December 15, 2017 A source of considerable conflict in the public square emanates from earnest Christians who agitate for the imposition of their religious values on society as a whole. more »»

LET'S COOK: Almond cake for Christmas

December 8, 2017 It was a magic evening in the Magic City as I stood in our yard on University Avenue. The moon was shining on the glistening mantle of freshly-fallen snow. more »»

Christianity struggles in public square

December 8, 2017 “We must divide the children of Adam into two classes; the first belong to the kingdom of God, the second to the kingdom of the world,” Martin Luther observed in his treatise on secular authority. more »»

Nothing neutral about net neutrality

December 8, 2017 A lack of government intervention and regulation has generally served the internet well. Not perfectly. more »»

SERVING OUR VETERANS: 'And we remember' - A family tribute

December 1, 2017 It was 1942. World War ll was raging in Europe and the Asiatic Pacific. On April 30th of that year, Joseph Noah St. Michel enlisted in the US Army Air Corp. more »»

VEEDER: The burden of being grateful

December 1, 2017 In the hardest times of our lives it seems we are reminded to be grateful. Grateful that it isn't worse. Thankful you still have your health or your loved ones besides you. more »»



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