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Letter: Support long term care by voting Weisz, Nelson

May 13, 2016 Soon all citizens living in District 14 will have the important task of voting who they wish to have on the ballot for the general election. more »»

Letter: Term limits an old idea

May 13, 2016 One of the issues being discussed by Doug Burgum in his campaign for Governor is the issue of term limits for our state and federal office holders. more »»

Letter: Stenehjem Needs to Acknowledge Economic Reality

May 6, 2016 If there’s one thing I’ve learned throughout my career in the private sector, and as mayor of Watford City fighting for the future of western North Dakota, it’s that you can’t begin to solve a... more »»

Letter: Vote Klein

May 6, 2016 Whatever the season, it seems there is always more to do than hours in the day to do it. more »»

Letter: The Truth About District 14

May 6, 2016 I will respond to only one portion of Dennis Fred’s letter at this tim. more »»

Letter: New Blood Needed in District 14

April 29, 2016 To all in Dist 14, As you can see in the letter below I have been asked to resign my duties as District 14 Chairman, which I will do as of the writing of this letter in accordance to the demand of... more »»

Letter: Support Jerry Klein

April 29, 2016 Fellow District 14 constituents, please join me in supporting Jerry Klein, an experienced leader, as our state senator in the upcoming June primary. more »»

Letter: Support Jon Nelson

April 29, 2016 You might find it strange that three healthcare administrators from Western North Dakota are writing in support of Representative Jon Nelson. more »»

Letter: Vote No on Measure 1

April 29, 2016 I am writing this as a woman in agriculture today. I grew up knowing I wanted to be involved in agriculture, but I thought I was limited because of my gender. I no longer see it that way. more »»

Letter: Join The Fight Against Cancer

April 29, 2016 On Dec. 18, 2015, I was diagnosed with Papillary Thyroid Cancer. Hearing that six letter word—C-A-N-C-E-R—is scary. more »»

4-23 Letters to the Tribune

April 22, 2016 In Praise of Hovland's Book I am writing this letter to sing the praises of Rob Hovland's book, "75 Years of Rugby Panther Basketball. more »»

Letter: Proud to Co-Sponsor Marsy’s Law

April 15, 2016 In early December last year, I received an invitation to co-sponsor Marsy's Law for North Dakota, a ballot measure to amend the North Dakota Constitution for the assurances of fundamental rights fo... more »»

Letters to the Tribune 4-9

April 8, 2016 Clean Power Plan: Imaginary Solution to Overhyped Problem How did it happen that President Obama was able to drum up enough hype, hysteria and hypnosis to declare carbon dioxide as a “dangerous,... more »»

Letters to the Tribune

April 1, 2016 Riemers for State Auditor Libertarian Roland Riemers has filed for North Dakota State Auditor, and is the first candidate of the 3 recognized North Dakota political parties to file for this position. more »»

Letter: Stenejhem Is No Conservative

March 25, 2016 The Republican Governor candidates debate was a mixed bag. Voters and party members were afforded the opportunity to listen and discuss the differences among the candidates. more »»

Letter: Kudos to Rob Hovland

March 18, 2016 I am writing to congratulate Rob Hovland on his spectacular achievement in the writing of “They Were All Champions.” All I can really say is “Wow”! This book is about so much more than basketbal. more »»

Letter: School Land Trust Board Shouldn't Gamble With Our Money

March 18, 2016 I'll explain why North Dakota’s property taxes are unnecessarily high, and how we can resolve this travest. more »»

Vote Kasich

March 11, 2016 Dear Readers of the Tribune, I would like to recommend as Presidential candidate Ohio Gov. more »»

Support District 14 Representation

March 11, 2016 To voters of District 14: I am writing this to encourage your support for our three current legislators. more »»

State Taking Hit in Slats

March 11, 2016 It seems that at least once each decade rural North Dakota takes a hit in the slats. In recent weeks, that hit to the future has occurred several times. more »»



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