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A closer look at the state GOP’s so-called economic successes

February 12, 2010 As an independent and economic conservative, I have read and listened to all the hoopla that John Hoeven has created with his announcement that he will seek the North Dakota Senate sea... more »»

Healthcare plans will only cause more damage

February 12, 2010 I would like to respond to Senator Conrad's op-ed piece on healthcare (Jan. 2 Tribune issue). He is trying to save his seat in the next election. Everything he has said is a lie. more »»

Fighting for family financial security

January 14, 2010 When I was first starting out as a teacher in 1970, my starting salary was $6,000. Today, a starting salary for a teacher is around $28,000. That is an increase of around 475. more »»

Seniors hurt by recent legislation

January 14, 2010 As a senior citizen I am very upset at the goings on in Congress Obama and the Democrats in Congress recently approved a 2% salary increase for all federal employees... more »»

County commission deserve our thanks

December 18, 2009 We appreciated the opportunity to meet with the county commissioners several weeks ago. The commissioners were gracious enough to meet with us unannounced. more »»

Pomeroy makes the right call

December 18, 2009 Joe Lieberman, John McCain and Colin Powell were the unholy trinity who sold their souls to President Bush and enabled him to turn Iraq into a gigantic open sore of human suffering and waste. more »»

It’s premature to come to any conclusions on whether or not to support building improvements

October 30, 2009 In its October 24th editorial The Pierce County Tribune raises some very real concerns with the Rugby School District’s timing as it explores ways to improve the learning environments in Rugby High... more »»

Patients, physicians need to both give up some control

October 30, 2009 I greatly appreciated Dr. McIntyre's comments in the Sept. 12 issue of this paper about the current healthcare "debate". more »»

Words of caution about e-cigarettes

October 23, 2009 It has recently come to the attention of Lake Region District Health Unit Tobacco Prevention that electronic cigarettes or “e-cigarettes” are being sold in this area. more »»

Some thoughts about the health care debate

September 11, 2009 It is noteworthy that 47 million people in the U.S. do not have health insurance, but the vast majority of them have health care. more »»

President’s health care plan will cause big tax hike

September 11, 2009 I previously wrote about cap and trade. Now I’m going to try to inform all of you people about the healthcare plan President Obama is trying to pass on to all of us. more »»

Clarifying JDA’s involvement in proposed tax incentive

August 21, 2009 I would like to take the opportunity to correct a few of the misconceptions surrounding the involvement of the Rugby Job Development Authority (JDA) concerning the proposed property ta... more »»

What they don’t want you to know

July 31, 2009 What is cap and trade? Do any of you know? I do. It’s just other words for global warming or climate change that the government doesn’t want you to kno. more »»

Wolford shows its support again

July 17, 2009 In the winter of 2007-08 fuel prices reached $4.00 per gallon. Fuel prices this high would have forced the Wolford Public School to close our doors in two years. more »»

Actions of youth was great

July 17, 2009 It is well known that in times of trouble North Dakotans come to the rescue of their neighbors. more »»

Poll doesn’t tell full picture; Police need to enforce noise ordinances relating to fireworks

July 10, 2009 I would like to comment on the poll that was taken on the question to ban or not to ban fireworks. more »»

Bone marrow drive a success

July 2, 2009 What a success story! The bone marrow drive and breakfast on Sunday was a huge success. There were 54 people who agreed to be potential bone marrow donors. more »»

Principal deserves thanks for recognizing enlistees

June 26, 2009 This letter is to thank high school principal Dave Zwingel and the Rugby community for their support of our graduating seniors who have chosen to serve our country in the U.S. military. more »»

Pets aren’t fair game

June 26, 2009 To area gun owners: Just because you own a gun, that doesn’t give you the right to shoot anything that moves. more »»

Salary increases for administrators raise eyebrows

June 19, 2009 As a former teacher in the Rugby Public School system, I was pleased to read in the Pierce County Tribune about the salary increases that the teachers in the RPS system will receive... more »»



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