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Off Center...

December 28, 2012 I've always enjoyed music. Listening, playing, watching others play -- music has been a huge part of my life and is my favorite pastime. more »»

Off Center...

December 24, 2012 There have only been a very few concerts that could match the star power of the 12-12-12 concert put on to benefit those who were affected by Hurricane Sandy and all of its associated storms. more »»

Off Center...

December 7, 2012 Everyone has holiday traditions. Some folks like to go caroling, while others prefer to mix up a big jug of eggnog and play card games. more »»

Off Center...

December 1, 2012 Having a theatre can be a bellwether for a town. If you find a small community with a theatre, it probably also means you’ll find other interesting things and people in the town. more »»

On Bryce’s Mind

November 23, 2012 Recently in the news it was announced that residents of North Dakota, rather than the government, filed a petition with the "We The People" section of the website, WhiteHouse. more »»

Pyramid dominates Homeland Security meeting

November 23, 2012 "I'm packed and heading out," Garvey Erfald announced as he joined the Homeland Security Committee assembled in the community hall for its 2013 planning conference. more »»

On Bryce’s Mind

September 16, 2012 If you read the Internet chatter, like I do, then you may have read something that sounds a bit disturbing in regards to Social Security, or rather something the administration has done. more »»

On Bryce’s Mind

August 16, 2012 I remember learning about McCarthyism and the "Red Scare" in school. In the fifties for about four years, Sen. Joseph McCarthy alleged that Communists and their sympathizers were everywhere. more »»

On Bryce’s Mind

July 30, 2012 (Warning: This will probably be one of my most, if not the most, pessimistic columns ever. Doesn't mean you shouldn't read it anyway. more »»

Just a thought...

July 30, 2012 Rugby is one step closer to very needed housing. Most everyone in this rural community knows how hard it is to find housing in Rugby, and it has been for two to three years. more »»

Hoping for salvation in 2012 politics

July 30, 2012 Surveying the 2012 political terrain, analysts at Gallup pontificated that “religion will continue to be a major determinate of how Americans vote for president. more »»

Three who made ND a better place

July 13, 2012 While many North Dakotans have made significant contributions to the state and communities, the efforts of three such individuals deserve special mention upon their passing. more »»

Our View

June 22, 2012 Rural movie theaters are changing with the times and will soon all be digital. more »»

Our View

May 4, 2012 Much has been written and debated about Measure 2 and it is an important issue, however, there are three other measures on the June Primary ballot for North Dakota, as well. more »»

Our View

April 23, 2012 Not very often do we thank the people we take for granted. They just do their jobs and are always where they are supposed to be, when needed. more »»


April 23, 2012 “Adapt” was the advice I got from District Judge Joel Medd, a friend and former student, when we commiserated about the problems of aging. Good advic. more »»

Our View

April 6, 2012 Autism Spectrum Disorder is a mystery to be unraveled. Many researchers from around the world are trying to do just that. April is Autism Awareness Month. more »»

Our View

March 30, 2012 by Terri Kelly Barta Over the weekend I was reminded by a friend that Monday, March 26 I was to wear purple for epilepsy awareness day. more »»

Measure 2 needs close scrutiny

March 12, 2012 The Measure 2 (M2) proposal to eliminate property taxes which will be on the June primary ballot has generated much discussion all across North Dakota. more »»

Just a thought... t

March 5, 2012 As I am writing this column, it is February 29, 2012, leap day in a leap year. more »»



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